Direct Marketing

Magazine subscription marketing is arguably the originator if not one of the leaders in the business of customer acquisition and retention.   Eric Bernhard developed his extensive DM background while at Ziff-Davis and Time Inc, and all subsequent employers and clients have benefited from them, both within and outside the publishing world.  Some examples include:

  • Time Corporate Database – Eric was a member of  the task force uniting all of the division's customer files into one.   It enabled segmentation never before possible, based on subject interests, and inspired new product development as well as more cost effective targeted marketing.

  • Direct Mail – Eric managed direct mail for Sports Illustrated and Life, growing SI direct mail to unprecedented levels of profitability (while mailing over 20 million pieces annually).  Direct mail was the primary source of new business for all specials interest titles at Ziff Davis, and Eric was responsible for 27 of them during his five-year tenure.  Cayman Airways used direct mail to launch their new frequent flyer program for Cayman Airways, also created and managed by Eric.

  • Email – Eric is responsible for the development and management of the e-mail campaigns for NetAhead Solutions clients.  This includes customer file maintenance, copywriting and design, bounceback response and fulfillment.

  • Continuity – Eric was the first employee at Newsub Services/Synapse, and as Marketing Director a key member of the startup team.  After 5 years Synapse had grown to the largest affinity marketer in U.S., specializing in selling continuity magazine subscriptions to credit card and frequent flyer files.

  • Sweepstakes, Premiums, Promotions – extensive experience testing, developing, and implementing sweepstakes and incentive programs for Ziff Davis, Time Warner, and Synapse.  Participated in the DMA sweepstakes task force during the congressional hearings on magazine sweepstakes.